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19/07/19 Rotown Summer Session: The Hearted plays blink-182 Rotterdam
09/07/19 Zomerpop | O.J.V. de Koornbeurs Delft
27/06/19 Jera on Air 2019 Ysselsteyn
14/06/19 Jera on Air warm up | Café de Meister Geleen The Positives
30/05/19 PUNCK | STECK Delft Left Alive + Piece of Eden
25/05/19 Jera on Air warm up | De Gooth Ridderkerk The Positives + Kinda Broke
15/02/19 Eurotrash United Rotterdam Screw Houston + Video Store
08/02/19 Support Sokoninaru | 't Beest Goes Sokoninaru
17/11/18 Studio Gonz Gouda The Positives
12/10/18 Graftak EP-release | Eurotrash United Rotterdam Graftak +Die Nakse Bananen
13/07/18 Bruin Cafe Jaxx Roosendaal
21/06/18 Sound Dog Breda
24/02/18 Pop Goes punk Tour | Vorstin Hilversum Bounds of Modesty + Altitude + The Positives + We are the Reason
03/02/18 Cafe Rocks Enschede Bounds of Modesty + Altitude + The Positives + Jason Waterfalls
27/01/18 Pop Goes punk Tour | Dukdalf Wieringerwerf Bounds of Modesty + Lights Out + We are the Reason + Sundaze
21/01/18 Pop Goes punk Tour | Bitterzoet Amsterdam Bounds of Modesty + Altitude + The Positives + Lights Out + Jason Waterfalls
20/01/18 Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) | Cafe Knarie Groningen King Low + Unknown Jet + Mr. Knowhow + Avery Plains
06/01/18 Pop Goes punk Tour | Manifesto Hoorn Bounds of Modesty + Altitude + The Positives + We are the Reason
06/10/17 Dowzer So Much For Silver Linings Release show | Pier15 Skatepark Breda Dowzer + Five Years Later
01/10/17 Harlequin Fest 2017 | Baroeg Rotterdam Kid Harlequin + Order of the Emperor + Life's Electric and more
11/08/17 Cafe de Speeltuin Breda The Broken Anchor
08/07/17 RotoRock Festival Berkel en Rodenrijs The Tasteless Gentleman + Venhill + Bottles Of Love and more
24/06/17 Altstadt Eindhoven The Sprvk
28/05/17 Courage My Love support | podium orcum Gorinchem Courage My Love + Halflives
13/05/17 Bruin Cafe Jaxx Roosendaal Die Oskars
21/01/17 Blinkfest 2017 | Melkweg Amsterdam Bounds of Modesty + Future idiots (SWE)+ Odi Acoustic (GER) and more
27/05/16 Courage My Love support | podium Gorcum Gorinchem The Overslept + For I Am
31/01/15 Liveline benefiet | Poppodium Baroeg Rotterdam Just us + My own army + Revolvo
16/01/15 FreeSonic Festival (Eurosonic Noorderslag) | De Kar Groningen Shiverburn + Colt Nevada
13/12/14 Band Boost | Bibelot Dordrecht
22/11/14 CAPSLOC Capelle aan den IJssel The Artificial + Lost Lions of India
25/10/14 CRP Rocknights Festival | Cafe de Trap Af Papendrecht Deliberate Jeopardization + Conorach + Native + Jacklust
24/10/14 TexMex Spijkenisse Shrude + Raptor + The Slaughter + Ann My Dice
12/09/14 De Grote Prijs Van Nederland | Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina Amsterdam
30/08/14 Westerpop 2014 Delft Stage Europe Network
29/08/14 Theater 't Voorhuys Emmeloord Stage Europe Network
28/08/14 Netl Kraggenburg Stage Europe Network
27/08/14 De Stiepe | Acoustic show Rutten
25/08/14 Het tijdelijk verblijf | Acoustic show Rutten Stage Europe Network
12/08/14 El-CID week studentenvereniging Catena Leiden
27/07/14 Autonomes Zentrum Aachen (GER) Morning Glory NYC (USA)
26/07/14 Kul Tube Mönchengladbach (GER) Shango Nitra (GER)
25/07/14 Péniche InsideOut Liège (BE) B.I.O (BE) + Signs Of Algorithm (BE) + Free Ride (CRO)
23/07/14 5éme Avenue Orléans (FR)
22/07/14 Le Buzz Paris (FR) Anhedonic Earth (GER) + Dope Out (GER)
13/07/14 Harley Davidson Harbor Day Rotterdam
11/07/14 "Sorry For Apologizing" Album Release show | Club Vibes Rotterdam Beach Coma
20/06/14 TexMex Spijkenisse Rott’n'Damned + Shaking Haze
06/06/14 Music Madness Talent Show | RAAF Rotterdam
24/05/14 Asgard Beverwijk Bounds Of Modesty + Dirty Colours
28/04/14 Mike's Music Place Haarlem Future Idiots (SWE) + Bounds Of Modesty
25/04/14 De Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen The 101's + The Windowsill
12/04/14 De Zon Bodegraven The Tankers + Insane
27/12/13 Haags Pop Centrum Den Haag Die Nakse Bananen
23/12/13 TexMex Spijkenisse Primitive + As Prayers Fail
12/12/13 Serious Request Goes Loud | De Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen Fexet + Thin Pillow + Replayced
22/11/13 Rock Cafe Jinx Zaandam
16/11/13 JC Everland Wognum Bounds Of Modesty + The Unchanged Plan + Wolfhunters
09/11/13 StudioGonz Gouda Guess our Name (GER) + The College Sluts (GER)
26/10/13 Blaues Haus Mönchengladbach (GER) 150 Liter Freibier (GER) + The Unchanged Plan + Call It Off
25/10/13 Autonomes Zentrum Aachen (GER) The Unchanged Plan + Fuse (GER)
12/10/13 Cafe Lokaal Heemskerk Translated + Sweet Empire
11/10/13 O'Sheas Irish pub Vlaardingen Drunken Dolly
14/09/13 The Pipeline London (UK) Flatline Stereo (UK) + Dookie (UK)
01/09/13 Stadspodium Rotterdam Open Air Stage Rotterdam
31/08/13 Cafe De Trap Af Papendrecht Stiknaats + Munch'd
23/08/13 Sw!tch festival | Bibelot Dordrecht
16/08/13 Women Rock Festival | SuperMarkt Den Haag Only Fate Remains + Weeping Silence and more
27/06/13 Meet The Pro Live Panel Popunie | Roodkapje Rotterdam
07/06/13 Slim In De Lift | Xinix Nieuwendijk
01/06/13 De Zon Bodegraven The Tankers
31/05/13 Haags Pop Centrum Den Haag Crooked
18/05/13 Rockslag Gorinchem
11/05/13 The Little Cave Rotterdam Bounds Of Modesty + The Unchanged Plan
10/05/13 JC Apollo Lanaken (BE) Bigwood Leonard (BE) + Back2Basics (BE)
09/05/13 Fillmore Birkenfeld (GER) Future Idiots (SWE) + Guess Our Name (GER) + The Deadnotes (GER)
08/05/13 Autonomes Zentrum Aachen (GER) Future Idiots (SWE) + Fuse (GER)
06/05/13 Les Combustibles Paris (FR) Future Idiots (SWE) + Good But Stupid (FR)
05/05/13 Bevrijdings Poppunk Fest 2013 | Musicon Den Haag Future Idiots (SWE) + New Year's Hero
04/05/13 Rockcafe De Engel Den Helder The Amsterdam Red-Light District (FR)
03/05/13 The Rambler Eindhoven Future Idiots (SWE) + Glasses & Mustaches + Red Lemon
02/05/13 Club Vibes Rotterdam Future Idiots (SWE)
06/04/13 Maasrock The Battle | Question Mijnsheerenland Red Rocket + Dieselburner + Plaats Delict
22/03/13 ABC 2013 | DRU Cultuurfabriek Ulft The Big Bang Theory + The Muff and more
15/02/13 Szweck Winter Festival Zaandijk We Against Us + The Muff and more
17/11/12 Crawlback 100th event | Popcentrale Dordrecht
26/10/12 UP-Magazine Upcoming show | Dynamo Eindhoven
06/10/12 Xinix Nieuwendijk DIVADOWN + Otis
13/07/12 Musicon Den Haag Good Things + Bad Temper
23/06/12 Haags Pop Centrum Den Haag Bad Temper + Sickfit
08/06/12 Rock 'n Ramps Next Top Band | De Kroepoekfabriek Vlaardingen Sparky's Revenge and more
02/06/12 Quartelrock Mijnsheerenland Bad Temper
01/06/12 TexMex Spijkenisse As Prayers Fail + Deliberate Jeopardization
19/05/12 God Save The Queen Festival Utrecht The Stiff + Fokkum + Mark Foggo and more
03/05/12 Paard van Troje Cafe Den Haag Good Things + Glasses & Mustaches
27/04/12 Patronaat Cafe Haarlem Heideroosjes + Good Things
24/03/12 The Little Cave Rotterdam Vine-Yard
16/03/12 Musicon Den Haag Vine-Yard
10/03/12 StudioGonz Gouda Vine-yard

The Hearted (ENG)

The Hearted is an energetic male and female fronted pop punk band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their music contains catchy melodic guitars and energetic drums. They're inspired by bands such as Blink-182, State Champs, Neck Deep and A Day To Remember.

The Hearted released their single on 1st mei 2017: “Ink and Feathers”. 'No Way Out' is released on november 2nd 2018 and reaches over 20.000 streams on Spotify. Listen at

The Hearted was founded in 2011. After releasing a selftitled EP, they toured all over the Netherlands and played several tours in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The band released their debut album "Sorry For Apologizing" on the 11th of July, 2014 and the official music videos for "Make All Mistakes" and "Jack Knife" appeared shortly after.

After the "Sorry For Apologizing" European release tour, The Hearted played their first cameo in the Dutch full length movie "Dreamers" and were selected as a candidate for the Grand Prize of the Netherlands "Grote Prijs van Nederland 2014". They were also selected for the Stage Europe Network 2014 exchange program, where they cooperated with six bands from all over Europe and played the outdoor festival Westerpop 2014.

In 2016, The Hearted announced that the previous band members Harvey Sengers and Pieter Rohrbach were leaving the band. Jip and Kayleigh began their search to find the right new musicians to join the band and after meeting Casper and Tom, The Hearted was ready to get back on track.

Band members:

  • Jip Lee (lead vocals/gitaar)
  • Kayleigh van der Wijst (lead vocals/gitaar)
  • Casper de Haas (bass/backing vocals)
  • Tom Schoone (drums/backing vocals)

The Hearted (NL)

The Hearted is een energieke pop punk band uit Rotterdam met zowel mannelijke als vrouwelijke lead vocalen, catchy melodieuze gitaren en energieke drums. Voor fans van o.a. Blink-182, State Champs, Neck Deep en A Day To Remember.

Als opvolger van hun debuut album "Sorry For Apologizing" bracht The Hearted op 1 mei 2017 hun single “Ink and Feathers”uit. De single 'No Way Out' is op 2 november 2018 uitgebracht. Daarmee behaalde zij meer dan 20.000 streams op Spotify. Deze is te beluisteren via Hun nieuwste single heet "Moving Mountains".

Ondertussen heeft The Hearted al flink wat kilometers gemaakt sinds de oprichting in 2011. De band tourde niet alleen door Nederland, maar speelde ook shows in België, Duitsland, Frankrijk en Groot-Brittannië. The Hearted heeft met grote en opkomende bands gestaan zoals Courage My Love (CA), Call It Off, The Overslept, Jason Waterfalls, Halflives (FR), Future Idiots (SE) en Sokoninaru (JP).

Na de Europese release tour in 2014 speelde The Hearted hun eerste cameo in de Nederlandse speelfilm "Dromers" en stonden in de halve finale van De Grote Prijs van Nederland. Ook nam The Hearted deel aan het Stage Europe Network uitwisselingsprogramma, waar zij met zes andere bands uit Europa samenwerkten. Als afsluiter van Stage Europe Network mocht de band Westerpop 2014 openen.

Met een uitverkochte Blink-182 tribute show in de Melkweg, Amsterdam maakte The Hearted begin 2017 een frisse start in een nieuwe formatie. Dit bracht ook een verfrissende sound met zich mee en naast de release van hun single "Ink and Feathers" werd er hard gewerkt aan nieuwe muziek en deed de band in 2018 een Pop Goes Punk tour door verschillende steden in Nederland.

The Hearted bestaat uit:

  • Jip Lee (lead vocals/gitaar)
  • Kayleigh van der Wijst (lead vocals/gitaar)
  • Casper de Haas (bass/backing vocals)
  • Tom Schoone (drums/backing vocals)


3VOOR12 DEN HAAG "Nice catchy punk, which wouldn’t be misplaced at a festival like Zwarte Cross. Their album is called ’Sorry For Apologizing’. No apologies needed, lady and gentlemen. Please continue to play shows!"

POPUNIE "The energetic poppunk is incredibly contagious. ‘Sorry For Apologizing’ is a debut album which The Hearted continues to mark their territory with. Their strength lies in their unity and nice dynamics"

DUTCH SCENE "The show was very good and you can notice that they have already made many miles on the road."


3VOOR12 DEN HAAG "Fijne catchy punk, wat niet zou misstaan op een festival als Zwarte Cross volgend jaar. 'Sorry For Apologizing' heet het album. Geen verontschuldiging noodzakelijk, heren en dame. Lekker blijven spelen!"

POPUNIE "Dat dit album een knaller zou worden kon al bijna niet meer missen. De vlotte poppunk is ontzettend besmettelijk. Sorry For Apologizing is een debuutalbum waarmee The Hearted hun territorium verder afbakenen. De kracht zit hem in hun eenheid en vette dynamiek."

DUTCH SCENE "De show was erg goed en je kon al merken dat ze al vele kilometers hebben gemaakt."

The Hearted

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